A Christmas to be trevered: A Thousand and One Nights with Albert & Kiki Lemant...

During the festive season, we met with our family at the Château de Trévarez to discover the temporary exhibition. Each year, the park and the stables of the castle are decorated differently. This year, the theme was the Thousand and One Nights...

Back to this fairy tale tour.

We arrived at nightfall, to take full advantage of the illuminations.

Guided by a lantern alley containing magnificent elephants, we arrived in the old stables where the fairy-tale show begins.

On the bewitching rhythm of a thousand and one nights, we discover an ostrich, a giant elephant on whose back a family of royal mice move. Above us, carpets seem to fly... Hidden in a room, we discover a captivating shadow show.

But we've come to help the pasha to find her pasha...


To do this, head for the castle gardens. There are two possible routes: the main path illuminated by the elephants with faceted balls, or the more sloping Camellia path. We preferred to go higher to hunt the pasha with more discretion!

After about ten minutes of walking and several discovered pashas, we arrive on the main square of the castle, ready to discover a magnificent sound and light projected on the facade, of which you will find a short video. A shy pasha, a pacha looking for him everywhere, a team of mice to help him, magical colors, a bewitching story, are the ingredients of the success of this video mapping imagined by Kiki and Albert Lemant.

Inside, the big lounge of the castle welcomes a giant pasha surrounded by small colorful elephants made by children during their workshops ...

This enchanting discovery made us forget the cold weather during the two-hour walk through the park.

We are looking forward to discovering the next theme that will take over the park of the castle.

To discover the trailer of the exhibition, it's here:  https://youtu.be/TOHELf4VN5U

For more information about the castle and the heritage path, it's this way: http://www.cdp29.fr/fr